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Throughout its independence, Israel remains a sensitive indicator of the Saturn-Pluto planetary cycle.


Israel (Medinat Jisra’el, State of Israel) declared independence on May 14, 1948, and on the same day, May 15 from midnight, when Britain’s mandate over Palestine expired, the First Israeli-Arab War, also called the Israeli War of Independence, began. It is interesting to us that it happened during the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto:

Saturn: Leo 16°26’
Pluto: Leo 12°38’
The distance between the planets or deviation from accurate conjunction was 3°48’.

In the following decades, the system composed of Israel and its neighboring opponents turned out to be a sensitive indicator of the warlike or oppressive Saturn-Pluto cycle.


This year the Suez crisis took place. On July 26, 1956, President Naser nationalized the Suez Canal, which resulted in a reaction of the governments of Great Britain, France and Israel, in which the third was to act as a “hound” of the previous two. On October 29, 1956, at 17:00 Israel began the “Kadesh” operation that is, it attacked the Egyptians, and a few days later the British and French landed on the Suez Canal supposedly to protect it, and actually to take control of it. In 1956, Saturn was in a square (90 degrees) to Pluto:

Saturn: Sagittarius 1°59’
Pluto: Virgo 0°04’
The deviation from strict square was then only 1°55’.

The war lasted briefly, until November 6, when it was stopped by the United States personified by the President Eisenhower, who feared that the Soviets supporting the Egyptian ruler Nasser, could get involved in the war and threaten everybody with the next world war. This probably, was the last case when Israel acted as opposition to the USA. Afterwards their cooperation became only closer, leading to an agreement, existing up till now, accordingly to which Israel acts, as an informal, but actual extension of the USA (or vice versa).

The history of Israel against the background of the Saturn-Pluto cycle


On June 5, 1967, from 7:00 am Israel carried out a very blitzkrieg called the six-day war, in which it defeated the armies of its Arab neighbors: Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraqi reinforcements, took Sinai, blocked the Suez Canal for the second time, took the Golan Heights in Syria, and ousted the Jordanians behind the Jordan River.

This time the correlation with the positions of Saturn and Pluto was weaker, because Saturn departed from the opposition with Pluto over 20 degrees. On the other hand, the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, the breakthrough phase in the revolutionary cycle Uranus-Pluto, was closer, and accompanied by the opposition of Mars to Saturn. It can be said that Israel had the “last minute” within a favorable planetary system. As a matter of fact, this conflict started earlier and began with a rally of Israeli troops in Jordan (on so-called West Bank, now inside Israel) on November 13, 1966, when Saturn was about 3 degrees after close opposition with Pluto. During the next year, while the opposition lasted and then collapsed, the tension of wartime was increasing.

November 13, 1966:
Saturn: Pisces 23°05’
Pluto: Virgo 20°12’
Deviation from accuracy of 2°53’ .

June 5, 1967:
Saturn: Aries 10°26’
Pluto: Virgo 18°00’
Deviation from accuracy up to 22°26’.


The next Yom Kippur War was perfectly coordinated with Saturn’s square to Pluto:

Saturn: Cancer 4°38’
Pluto: Libra 4°42’
Deviation from 4’ accuracy – only four arc minutes.

This time, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel (on October 6, 1973 from 14:00), which after 3 days prevailed. The US (with President Richard Nixon) supplied Israel with war gear via the airlift. Egypt and Syria were similarly strengthened by the USSR. The Third World War was on the ropes.


During the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the 1980s, Israel could not stand it and launched the Lebanon War, on June 6, 1982 at approx. 11 am armedly entering Lebanon to smash Palestinian military (or terrorist) bases there.

Saturn: Libra 15°37’
Pluto: Libra 24°22’
Deviation: 10°45’

1993 – change: not war but agreement

The year 1993 brought a square in the Saturn - Pluto cycle, but this time there was no war, but an act of peace: Oslo Accords, signed on 13 September by Icchak Rabin and Yasser Arafat. The Palestinian National Authority was established then.

Saturn: Aquarius 25°11’
Pluto: Scorpio 23°12’
Deviation: 1°59’

However, the war took a different form: Prime Minister Rabin was murdered two years later by a Jewish fundamentalist, on November 4, 1995. Saturn was then 19 degrees outside square to Pluto.

2003 – change: war in the region without Israel

During the opposition in 2001 (attack on the World Trade Center) – 2003, Israel did not wage a regular war, but a new type of war, the “dispersed war”, that is, the Intifada Al-Aqsa (“the second intifada”) was underway. But the Second Gulf War, in which the US and its allies (including Poland) defeated and occupied Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein’s regime, was in the long run a benefit mainly for the one country, namely Israel, by elimination of its biggest opponent in the region and replacing it by a chaos zone. Beginning March 20, 2003 at 2:30:

Saturn: Gemini 22°45’
Pluto: Sagittarius 19°55’
Deviation: 3°10’


From December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009, Israel fought in a massive action against Hamas in Gaza: Operation Cast Lead. Saturn was approaching the square to Pluto:

Saturn: Virgo 21°45’
Pluto: Capricorn 1°05’
So it took place 9°20’ before the square tightening in the next 2 years.

2019/20 –?

The next breakthrough phase in the Saturn and Pluto cycle will be in 2019-20. The conjunction will happen only once, January 12, 2020, both planets at 22°46’ Capricorn. The Middle East remains one of the most flammable points in the world.

With gratitude to Agnieszka Marczewska for help in translating.
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2019-08-27. Wojciech Jóźwiak. Cykl: English

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